Campaign Research:

Successful campaigns are built on a comprehensive understanding of the district and each candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. At Hilltop Strategies, LLC, we arm our clients with thorough research and analysis of both. We take a three-step approach to researching the district and subjects. First, we use state-of-the-art research techniques and databases to identify the universe of information pertinent to the project. Next, we use traditional research techniques visiting relevant offices in person. With this information in hand, we revisit step one and search the digitized universe again. The process repeats itself until we are completely confident that all pertinent information is in hand.

Quality campaign research does not end with identifying the information that exists. Rather, it requires distilling that information to determine what is important and why. At Hilltop, we analyze all available information into user-friendly reports that identify the key strengths and weaknesses of each candidate as they relate specifically to the district at hand. We arm our clients with comprehensive research and thorough, actionable analysis.

Rapid Response:

Campaigns are fast-paced. Successful candidates need to respond quickly to new developments. Keeping a rapid response team in-house diverts time and resources from other important areas of the campaign. At Hilltop, we have a team of researchers and strategic partners that are on hand 24/7 to assist candidates with rapid research and response solutions. Political Consulting:

Every district and campaign is unique and requires strategies tailored towards it. Disciplined strategy must sometimes give way to dynamic solutions. Exhaustive preparation enables a campaign to stay one step ahead at all times. Tony has consulted on numerous statewide and local campaigns. He is adept at developing and implementing effective and innovative solutions. Tony specializes in developing strategy, tactical implementation, crisis management, and campaign and candidate research.

Legislative Lobbying:

An effective lobbyist must thoroughly understand client issues and be able to effectively communicate them. Honesty and integrity are essential to maintain trust with officials and their staff. Tony strives to preserve this trust every day and his tireless work ethic enables him to effectively communicate client issues. He has held positions in government and the lobby for over a decade. Tony has worked across the aisle to pass and forestall legislation in both state and foreign legislatures.

Regulatory Lobbying:

The Texas Legislature is required to meet every two years. State regulatory agencies, on the other hand, meet frequently. They are tasked with implementing the laws passed by the Legislature through rule-making. It is important to have a voice in the rule-making process. Tony frequently works with these regulatory agencies to protect client interests.

Parliamentary Compliance:

Navigating the Texas Legislature is a perilous process. Numerous pitfalls impede a bill’s progress towards becoming law. Even the slightest misstep in the process can prove detrimental to a bill’s passage. For example, in 2011 two bills that would have significantly heightened restrictions on payday and title lenders were significantly altered or stopped due to technical noncompliance with parliamentary procedure. Despite facing significant support, one died on a Point of Order. The other, survived a barrage of parliamentary challenges, but not before several amendments offered by the bills’ stoutest opponents were adopted. Tony has extensive parliamentary experience protecting client interests.

Legislative Drafting:

Before an idea becomes a law, it must first be drafted as legislation. Sometimes this is a straightforward process, but more often there are a multitude of issues implicated. It is better to advocate a clear, succinct, and fully fleshed out proposal than it is an amorphous concept. Tony is an experienced attorney with extensive experience drafting bills and amendments rapidly and accurately for some of the largest lobby efforts in Texas. His experience with legislative research ensures not only that your goals will be achieved without creating unintended consequences, but also enables him to identify and develop novel legislative solutions to client issues.